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Welcome to Academy of Design and Innovation (ADI)

"The Lead and Premier institute in design education in Mauritius"

The Academy of Design and Innovation (ADI) operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives, and its aim is to promote excellence in design education, foster innovation, and provide consultancy and research services in the region.

The organisation rest on a solid base in design education since the year 1995, a synthesis of major actors of the sector in 2009 propelled the body to a tertiary education status catering to the industry needs in human capital in the design field as well as providing industry development and business consultancy.

The upcoming global challenges and fast-growing technology in the realm of design have rendered the necessity of a paradigm shift that hatched the Academy of Design and Innovation in September 2022. The Academy will be aligned with the development of the sustainable goals that are required in the design sector which will additionally promote excellence for the creative economy, encompassing the field of, graphic, digital, and multimedia design, fashion and textiles, build environment; architecture, arts and crafts as well as jewellery.

Paving an ecological and sustainable environment through education and innovation is the focus of the academy, whereby the achievement will be rewarded by certificates, diplomas, degrees, and honorary degrees at the higher education level locally or internationally.

A User Research Design Development Centre as a pillar to host a series of research work and in applied Inclusive Design, Smart and New textiles & clothing and, Additive Manufacturing as a center point that will be geared by the organisation.

Close cooperation with multi sectors in the design field, positions the academy as a preferred partner for any creative spirit's pathway and goals.

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